vendemmiAMO Pagnana 2015

Now… do you want to know why everyone's chatting about vendemmiAMO PAGNANA?

You might have guessed, in view of the month and the various images, that we are talking about wine. And more precisely Grapes!


Now is precisely that time of the year when, at Fattoria Pagnana, we are ready to produce our renowned Chianti. It's Grape Harvest time!


We have arranged a short weekend for guests to experience what the real Harvest means nowadays: grape picking, cellars, tasting and all.


We call it vendemmiAMO PAGNANA. It is literally a play on the Italian words:


Vendemmiamo means Let's Grape Harvest

Amo meansI Love


A sort of WE LOVE Grape Harvesting at PAGNANA


The last couple of years we’ve given it a try with Italian clients and it has been a real success. This year we were already fully booked… but if you might wish to attend in 2016, start by dropping us a note - - and we’ll add you to our Preferred List.


In meantime stay tuned; we are still posting and sharing some of the best pictures of our participating guests.




Who knows… maybe soon we might also launch Olive Harvest Pagnana!

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vendemmiAMO Pagnana 2015vendemmiAMO Pagnana 2015vendemmiAMO Pagnana 2015